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This Wiki is an affiliation of Wikis of Korean Comics
(Manhwa, Webtoon and Korean-writer Manga)
If you want to join us visit the Affiliations page for more information.

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We started on March 2014. Wikis from Korean style comics (Manhwa, Webtoons and Korean-Writer Manga) came together to build a Collaboration Wiki as a host of various events. Our purpose is to entertain the respective fans of the comics and the contributors of the affiliated wikis.
Click the links above for more information and please read our Regulations.
Wiki Members
WIKIS Listed in alphabetical order.

Black Haze Wiki The Breaker Wiki Cavalier of the Abyss Wiki Freezing Wiki The Gamer Wiki GOH2-wordmark Hell Blade Wiki Wordmark Kubera Wiki Noblesse Wiki RebirthKnight Sidekicks-Wiki-wordmark Tale of Eun Aran Wiki Tower of God Wiki XSManhwa Wiki

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임달영 Lim Dall Young 林達永
CDPA シーディーピーエー
아트림 미디어 Artlim Media


 Aflame Inferno   •   Freezing   •   Kurokami: Black God   •   The Legend of Maian   •   Onihime VS   •   Re:BIRTH ‑The Lunatic Taker‑   •   SAI:Taker ‑Futari no Artemis‑   •   Unbalance X2

Lim Dall Young World


Event Activity
Ongoing Events
  • Event1
  • Event2

Latest Results

  • Event1 results
  • Event2 results

Event History
This Wiki is an Event Host, hence:
  • Refrain from changing content without the Administration's knowledge
  • Follow the Participation Regulations

You are welcome to:

  • Participate and Vote
  • Discuss about the Events
  • Give Feedback of your experience
  • Suggest new events
  • Suggest changes to present events.
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