The regulations for the participation in the events as well as the building of this wiki are included below.


  • Please refrain from changing the content of this wiki unless the Administration is aware of your assistance and has agreed to the changed you wish to do.



Before each tournament a registration week will be scheduled and conducted in a Thread. This will be for all tournaments. Failure of a wiki to register their main character in the Forum during the appointed week means that the character(s) or ability will not be included at the current tournament. Exception will not be made in order to maintain a fair attitude towards all affiliates.

Any contributor from a wiki can register the character(s) or ability that their community has agreed to. It does not necessarily have to be the representative.

Voting ProcessEdit

During the tournaments with the voting process in Blog form, voters are free to use the comments below to discuss. However, all participants are asked to follow the regulations below:

  • Harsh language is to be avoided for any reason and in any case. Participants who insult others will be given one warning and the second time they will blocked from voting that the next tournament (since they have voted already at the current one).

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